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The Beginning

In December 2016, Bruce (owner) discovered his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal lung cancer that had metastasized. Having had a negative experience with chemotherapy for another family member, Bruce was determined to find an alternative healing solution for his mother.​

Through rigorous research, Bruce found several testimonials that supported the use of herbal and vitamin supplements, targeted therapy pills, and a wholistic diet approach as treatment for his mother's condition. In addition to the systemic therapy, Bruce also found that medical grade edibles and RSO had a miraculously positive effect and prevented further metastasis.

Thus, Golden Bloom was born from the heart of a son who grew a passion for cannabis cultivation through researching and sourcing the highest quality flower to create the highest quality medical grade cannabis products to treat his mother's diagnosis. We grow top shelf exotic indoor strains and hope to spread the benefits of medical marijuana to all who need it. 

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The Grow

Our Director of Cultivation Tony hails from northern California where he has over 10 years of expertise in cannabis cultivation and sales. Tony started planting seeds in his garage and grew clones of his own before dipping his feet into packaging and selling to the California market. Through his network, we've accessed several unique strains that we are ecstatic to bring to the Oklahoma market. We are so proud to have Tony lead our team in achieving the purest and highest quality THC yielding plants for our medical patients of Oklahoma. 

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