The Beginning

In December 2016, Bruce (owner/partner) discovered his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal lung cancer that had metastasized. Having had a negative experience with chemotherapy for another family member, Bruce was determined to find an alternative healing solution for his mother.​

Through rigorous research, Bruce found several testimonials that supported the use of herbal and vitamin supplements, targeted therapy pills, and a wholistic diet approach as treatment for his mother's condition. In addition to the systemic therapy, Bruce also found that medical grade edibles and RSO had a miraculously positive effect and prevented further metastasis.

Thus, Golden Bloom was born from the heart of a son who grew a passion for cannabis cultivation through researching and sourcing the highest quality flower to create the highest quality medical grade cannabis products to treat his mother's diagnosis. We grow top shelf exotic indoor strains and hope to spread the benefits of medical marijuana to all who need it. 

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The Grow

Kevin (Master Grower/Partner) and his team joined Bruce to open a state of the art facility located in Choctaw, Oklahoma. Prior to this, Kevin was the original founder of the well known Have A Heart Medical & Recreational dispensaries in Seattle and surrounding areas. His passion for cannabis cultivation grew from his own experience with the medicinal benefits of these miracle plants. For four years, Kevin experienced excruciating headaches that no pharmaceutical prescriptions could resolve, thus he turned to organically grown medicinal cannabis and found his solution.

With twelve years of experience growing his own farm to service the cannabis industry in Washington, Kevin has learned a thing or two about how to produce only the best quality plants. Each strain is unique in its characteristics and each harvest yield can vary, since many factors can impact the quality of the yield. To Kevin, each plant is like a child that needs to be nurtured to maturity before processing takes place, and so he loves his plants as though they are his own children. Like a proud parent, Kevin's motto is "When the plants are happy, I am happy."